The airport is an important economic factor for the Stuttgart metropolitan area and the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. Significant for its value creation is Stuttgart Airport’s role as a large employer and the involvement of regional partners. One million additional passengers create on average about 1,000 new jobs on the whole campus. This matches with our most recent workplace survey: over 11,000 people work in more than 300 businesses, institutions and public authorities at the airport, with more than 12 million passengers in 2019. Stuttgart Airport ranks among the largest workplaces in Baden-Württemberg.


The airport operator does not only take care for smooth processes on the apron – he also advances site development and the transport connection, because the demand for high-quality and well-connected industrial real estate remains at a high level. Accordingly we enhance office and retail space on our campus; mainly upwards for reasons of space. Today Stuttgart Airport’s real estate contains of about 550,000 qm, including parking garages. The business quarter Stuttgart Airport City, which is currently under construction, will provide additional capacities. The first tenants already moved in.

Besides technical and economic factors we integrate ecological and sociocultural aspects in all our construction projects from the planning to completion. As an attractive business location Stuttgart Airport is a member of the German Sustainable Building Council - DGNB e.V. As the first airport corporation nationwide we had the whole quarter Stuttgart Airport City pre-certified according to DGNB e. V. criteria.

Stuttgart Airport City

An intermodal network

We consider it our task to link landside and airside traffic in such manner that the people in our region are connected in the best possible way. Moreover, a better accessibility of the airport stimulates the regional economy. The greater aim is to develop the site to an intermodal transportation hub in order to offer the best possible connection of transportation via street, rail and air. For this purpose, the airport operator supports three infrastructure projects: the already completed terminal for long-distance busses, the extension of the tram network (line U6) as well as the railway project between Stuttgart and Ulm.