For those travelling by S-Bahn, please note:

From 15th to 26th July 2024, the S-Bahn line between Stuttgart-Vaihingen and the airport will be closed. Passengers are recommended to inform themselves about the train replacement services and to use the tram U6.

Person responsible for TOBT

The basis for the Airport CDM procedure is the introduction of a binding target time for the end of the handling process (TOBT – Target Off-Block Time), towards which all those involved in the process are working. In addition, the planning of the departure sequence is essentially aligned with the TOBT.

So that this target time can be observed by all partners involved in the handling, it must be known to every participant. In this connection is mandatory to announce changes to this target time without delay so that all sequences can be adjusted immediately. This duty is assumed by the so-called person responsible for TOBT.

The person responsible for the TOBT is in principle the airline concerned or its handling agent on site and in the area of the general aviation of the aircraft operators or the pilots in charge. Where an airline wants a different arrangement, it must inform the Airport CDM project team about the different TOBT responsibility using the official form. You can obtain this form for download under the heading “Documents”.

The person responsible for TOBT must enter the currently valid TOBT of a flight into corresponding systems in consultation with the flight crew or the handling staff and thus make it available to the Airport CDM process. As soon as there are any changes to the TOBT the person responsible must adjust the TOBT and publish a changed target time.

By automatically sending alerts by email the person responsible for TOBT will be alerted to disruptions within the Airport CDM process. Thus he can initiate the necessary measures for a timely departure at an early stage.

CSA tool (Web-CaeSAr)

To ensure a transparent process, the Common Situational Awareness Tool (CSA Tool) Web-CaeSAr is provided containing all A-CDM-relevant information and permitting the person responsible for the TOBT to enter, change or delete the TOBT.

Web-CaeSAr is a web-based application provided to authorised companies in two different variants. The basic version only gives authorisation to view those flights that concern the company’s own business operation. The extended version is only made available to the person responsible for TOBT. Alongside TOBT maintenance this variant also gives authorisation to requisition de-icing procedures and to select a de-icing service provider. The view for the persons responsible for the TOBT solely includes the flights that are allocated to the area of responsibility of the particular person responsible for the TOBT.

For acquiring access to the Web-CaeSAr it is necessary to enter into a user agreement with Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH. The corresponding forms are available ready to download under “Documents”. Use of the Web-CaeSAr within the scope of the Airport CDM procedure is free of charge for all customers.