From car to train

For the first time, Stuttgart Airport is offering a Park and Ride option for commuters. Around 250 parking places are available for this purpose at the two Messe car parks P 22 and P 26. These are just a few minutes’ walk away from the railway stop for the U6 line, which has trains every 10 minutes going to the main station. The offer applies for all with a VVS Jedermann or JedermannPlus subscription. Subscription holders use their polygoCard at specially designated automated pay machines at the car park entrances to acquire the entrance and exit ticket. The Park and Ride service costs 35 Euro per month.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take a parking ticket at the entrance.

  • Change the parking ticket into a P+R monthly ticket at designated automated pay machines as follows:
    Hold the polygoCard up to the card reader on the pay machine for 2 seconds. Once the polygoCard has been recognised, insert the parking ticket taken at the entrance into the ticket reader. Select the “Monatsticket” (monthly ticket) option.

  • Request receipt.

  • Pay 35 Euro and take the parking ticket.

Requirements for use:

  • All holders of a VVS Jedermann or JedermannPlus subscription for tariff zone 2 and a further adjacent tariff zone are eligible to use the P+R service.
  • The P+R ticket can be obtained only with the polygoCard from designated automated pay machines.
  • The overwritten parking ticket can be used as an entrance and exit ticket for the entire month.

It is not possible to use the P+R service when the Messe parking area is at full capacity. Messe dates will be announced here in good time.

Further information:

  • The Flughafen/Messe P+R tariff applies for a maximum of 16 consecutive hours of parking.
  • The Jedermann or JedermannPlus ticket has to converted into a Flughafen/Messe P+R monthly ticket by the 15th day of the month.
  • If an error occurs in the procedure, wait 30 seconds and start again.
  • The P+R offer applies for as long as allocations are still available.
  • The conditions of use of the Apcoa Parking Deutschland GmbH car park operator apply.