You can fill in the application forms directly on the PC and then print them out

Please note that Annex 1 (vehicle overview) and Annex 2 (insurance certificate) must be attached to all applications. As an alternative to Annex 2, a current insurance certificate from your motor vehicle insurance company can also be used. Please read the current regulations for car badges carefully, as they are part of the driving or parking permit in the area of Stuttgart Airport that is not generally accessible.

Please send your signed application documents exclusively by e-mail to the following address:


Due to corresponding EASA and ICAO regulations, defined criteria for the use of vehicles on apron taxiways (outside marked taxiing area roads) and in the taxiway area have applied since 2022. These specifications have been implemented accordingly in the regulations for car badges.

If you have any questions about these new regulations on the part of the aviation authorities, please contact us by e-mail at