Noise caused by starting and landing aircrafts lies only partially in the area of the airport’s influence. Nevertheless, Stuttgart Airport is concerned to actively promote that the neighborhood’s noise exposure stays as low as possible.

According to the official zoning resolution of 1987, it must not become louder within the noise protection area compared to 1978. This has been determined in the interest of our neighbors. The average noise exposure around the airport decreased considerably in the previous decades. Regular measurements since 1969 show that.

A night flight restriction applies between 11 pm and 6 am. Starting and landing fees that depend on noise emissions set an incentive to airlines to use modern, low-noise machines.


The airport operator constantly records noise immissions caused by air traffic. Eight measuring stations are located in populated areas of the municipalities Scharnhausen, Berkheim, Neuhausen, Bernhausen, Stetten, Steinenbronn, Echterdingen and Denkendorf. The analysis of this data is published in monthly aircraft noise reports.

Aircraft noise reports (in German) Night flight restrictions