Without rules and conscientious employees who ensure a high level of security, air traffic could not function. In order to ensure compliance with these rules and legal obligations as well as with the company’s internal guidelines and values and the Fairport Code, Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH has established its own Compliance Management System (CMS).

Important components of the CMS include, among other things, the bodies with controlling function, such as the Supervisory Board or the Compliance Board, as well as a central guideline management system, clear policies, compliance processes and the risk management system.

fairport-Kodex (in German)

whistleblower system

Another important part of the CMS is the airport’s electronic whistleblower system (BKMS® Incident Reporting).

Anonymous whistleblower system

Via this system, whistleblowers can submit their reports either anonymously or by stating their names. The whistleblower system is not only available to employees but also to external stakeholders who wish to submit reports.


Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH has set up various categories on which reports can be submitted:

  • Corruption, bribery
  • Unfair competition, antitrust law
  • Data protection, protection of personal data
  • Information security
  • Human rights and environmental protection
  • Air security
  • Safety (safe airport operations)
  • Other violations (e.g. fraud or breach of trust, theft and embezzlement, money laundering)

The reports received are reviewed by authorised examiners of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH.


Customer queries or complaints, as well as questions regarding services at Stuttgart Airport, are not answered via the whistleblower system. Please use the following contact options for:

The anonymity of the whistleblowers is protected at any time. This is the highest priority for Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH. Where the whistleblowers themselves do not provide any information that can be traced back to them, the used BKMS® Incident Reporting system protects their anonymity automatically by using a certified technical solution.