Security Control Procedure

Your safety is important to us! We kindly ask you to understand that you will need to go through security prior to entering the gate area. Thanks to the very short routes at Stuttgart Airport, you can reach all gates from any checkpoints. In doing so, please observe the waiting times on the monitors and possibly switch to another terminal.

  • Please place all items on to the belt.
  • Everything must be placed in the tubs. Use as many tubs as necessary, there are plenty available.
  • An officer will help you with any questions you may have about any items in your hand luggage.
  • Please take the transparent 1 litre resealable plastic bag containing liquids and all electronic items out of your hand luggage and place them in the tub.*
  • In case of doubt, please speak to the officer, e.g. electronic toys, photo and film equipment, drones, etc.
Interesting facts about hand luggage
  • Please empty your pockets (coins, keys, handkerchief, etc.).
  • Please go to the security scanner, if requested to do so.
  • Please observe the instructions of the security personnel.
  • A follow-up inspection may be necessary. This must be carefully carried out by an aviation security assistant by means of manual scanning.
  • If your hand luggage needs to be re-examined, please open your bag upon request. You cannot reach for your luggage during the inspection.
  • After this inspection, it may be necessary to carry out an explosives inspection. Please follow the instructions accordingly.

Please ensure that you arrive at your airline check-in desk in good time before your flight (we recommend two hours before departure). Please also note that, due to increased security measures, identity checking procedures may take longer.

Passengers with a cardiac pacemaker should contact personnel prior to the security check!