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Please note the regulations concerning your  stay at the airport and flight.

important data relating to Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH

Take-offs and landings:
About 400 daily, over 120 destinations

About 55 Airlines
Passenger terminals:
Terminal 1: Departures and Arrivals
Terminal 2: Departures only
Terminal 3: Departures and Arrivals
Terminal 4: Departures and Arrivals

Flight operations area:
One take-off and landing runway: length: 3,345 metres, width: 45 metres
Two parallel taxiways
Apron: 70 hectares
46 parking positions
7 parking positions cargo center

Airport site:
Around 400 hectares, of which about 190 hectares are green space

Shops: around 6,000 m²
Bistros and restaurants: around 3,800 m²
Totally 90 shops, bistros, restaurants and service points before and after the security check.

Figures 2020

Passengers: 3,213,695 passengers
Air freight: 19,083 tonnes out of Stuttgart, plus 7,967 tonnes of airmail

In 2014, Stuttgart Airport was named after Manfred Rommel (*1928 - †2013) who was Lord Mayor of Stuttgart and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for many years.”

Stuttgart Airport: the Company

Partners in Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH:
Land Baden-Württemberg (65%) and Stadt Stuttgart (35%)

AHS Aviation Handling Services GmbH 10,0%
Baden-Airpark GmbH 65,8%
Cost Aviation GmbH 75,0%
Flughafen Stuttgart Energie GmbH 100,0%
Flughafen Parken GmbH 14,29%
Handels- und Service GmbH (HSG) 100,0%
SAG Stuttgart Airport Ground Handling GmbH (SAG) 100%
S. Stuttgart Ground Services GmbH 51,0%

Turnover business year 2020

Total: 142.1 million Euro
Aviation: 66.1 million Euro
Non-aviation: 75.9 million Euro

Our responsibility

Business activities aviation:

  • Operations: Shipping papers, monitoring of loading, weight calculation, etc.
  • Ground traffic service: Primarily passenger transportation, baggage, drinking water and disposal services
  • Passenger clearance: Embarking, lost & found office

Business activities non-aviation

  • Construction of office buildings, parking blocks and other premises.
  • Rental and leasing of restaurants, parking blocks, plots
  • Supply services, incl. electric power, water, heating, cleaning, waste disposal, information- and communications Technology.