This page lists the most frequently asked questions at Stuttgart Airport. If your question is not answered here, please send an email to us at


Can I get to Stuttgart airport with local public transport?

Yes, on our website under the menu link “Access” you can select the mode of transport you would like to use to get to the airport. On the corresponding page there is a link where you can conveniently see the timetables relevant to that mode of transport.

How much does parking cost?

The price of parking depends on how long you are going to park. Additionally, there’s a gradual price increase depending on how close you want to park to the terminal building. Under the “Parking” menu link, you can find out beforehand which parking location would be the most suitable for you. (Tip: Come up with a back-up parking location beforehand, just in case the other parking space is unavailable)


What is not allowed in my hand luggage?

Everything that can be used as a weapon against another person or used for another purpose other than its intended use is not allowed in hand luggage (e.g. knives, scissors, nail files, tools, umbrellas, etc...). If you want to take these items with you on your journey, please put them in your main hold luggage beforehand. Please check your hand luggage in any case to make sure you haven’t left any scissors/nail files etc. in there. Should you by accident have any of these items in your hand luggage, you’ll be able to use our return service for dangerous items.

How does advance check-in work?

With some airlines it is possible to check in the evening before the flight. This saves time! How this works and whether your airline offers this option can be found under the “Advance check-in” menu link.

What’s the earliest time I can check in for my flight?

The time at which check-in begins depends on the airline. But in general, with tourist or regular flights it is 2 hours before departure. For more precise information regarding check-in time, we kindly ask you to call your airline directly. Please be reminded that because of increased security, luggage and identity checking procedures, everything can take a little longer.

Where do I have to check in?

Your flight number is on your flight ticket (e.g. YP3486 for a flight with Aero Lloyd). On our departure boards online and in the airport on the information pillars you will find the check-in desks that correspond to your flight number. The first number of the check-in desk represents the terminal number (e.g. check-in desk 436 is in Terminal 4 and desk 125 is in Terminal 1).

At the airport

Does the airport have disabled access?

Yes, the airport does have disabled access. All information on this subject can be found under the menu item "Barrier-free Airport".

Can I visit the airport, are there airport tours?

The airport operating company offers group tours for at least 15 up to a maximum of 60 people. Further details, in particular regarding signing up, can be found under “Airport tours”.

Can I make announcements at the airport?

Yes, you can make announcements in case someone is lost etc. through our “Info” hotline - +49 711 948-0.

There is a deposit for luggage trollies, where can I get change for this?

Should you not have the appropriate change (1 euro, 50 cents, 25 US cents, 1 Swiss franc), you can find a change machine that is free of charge in front of Terminal 1, Departures, between the telephone booths. When arriving at the airport, you will find change machines in Terminals 1 and 4 at the luggage conveyer belts.

Where do I find the VAT refund desk?

The customs office is in at Check-in 140 in Terminal 1, Departure. Should there not be anyone present at the desk, you will find a telephone with which you can call someone at customs.

Is there medical care/a pharmacy at Stuttgart airport?

The airport’s medical centre can offer you medical care. Additionally, there is a medical care station and paramedic, who, in cases of emergency, will get in touch with the hospitals and doctors in the surrounding area. In Terminal 2, Departures, there is a fully equipped pharmacy. In cases of emergency, there are paramedics that you can call by dialling 110.

Is the terminal open overnight?

Yes. You can stay overnight in the public areas of the terminal. In order to do so you just need a valid flight ticket.

Where do I smoke in the terminals?

Stuttgart airport is smoke-free due to the health considerations of all travelers, visitors and employees. Passengers may smoke in front of the terminals at the designated places. For passengers who smoke, there is a smoker booth in our terminal, located in Terminal 1, Arrivals (public area). Smoking behind the security checkpoint is possible in Terminal 3, Gate 330.