Despite intensive preparation, there may be longer waiting times during peak times this summer. Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours and no more than 3 hours before departure. Furthermore please note the regulations concerning your  stay at the airport and flight and the  restrictions on city train services.

Work & Fly Zone

Whether you are preparing a presentation or replying to emails: The “Work & Fly Zone” is the area in which passengers can work in peace and with view of the apron. All work stations are equipped with plug sockets, room dividers and plant elements ensure privacy while working. Access is free for all passengers.

Security area, terminal 3, gate 310

Meeting POints

You would like to welcome somebody in an extraordinary way? Whether customers, guests or family members: with our Meeting Point counters in the Arrival level it will work out. The are many possibilities: a small stand-up reception for friends is practicable as well as the greeting of business partners. From the terminal map you will see the exact locations of the Meeting Point counters.

The prices for hiring a Meeting Point amount to 30,00 € per hour or 130,00€ per day. For broadcasting a logo (jpg, tiff, html) or a video spot (mpeg4, wmv, mov, avi, vob) a daily rate of 50€ (with adjustment 90€ is charged per spot). All counters are provided with electrical connection.

The prices are exclusive of VAT.

Free Wi-Fi at Stuttgart Airport

Make constructive use of your waiting time at the airport – we offer all passengers and guests free internet access for three hours throughout Stuttgart Airport.

It's so easy:

  1. Activate WLAN
    Activate the Wi-Fi function on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and select the "AIRPORT-FREE-WIFI" network.

  2. Access website
    Select any website – and you will be automatically directed to the HotSpot page of Telekom D GmbH.

  3. Activate
    Press the "online" button

In the event of problems, you can ring our free-phone service hotline operated by Telekom by dialling +49 800 3502000.

In all terminals.

Sonic Chairs

Listen to your favourite music prior to your flight in a comfortable and undisturbed manner – this is made possible by the Sonic Chairs at Stuttgart Airport. The two hemispherical chairs function as oversized headphones. Passengers can connect their mobile phones or tablets and start their playlist to listen to their music.

Security area, terminal 1, at gate 172.

Play & FlYSTR

Two “Play & FlySTR” counters equipped with games consoles in the terminal ensure a little bit of fun before departure. There are three or five screens on the counters. The passengers can play Fifa, NBA, Forza, Starlink and Rayman against one another.

Security area, terminal 1, at gate 144
Security area, terminal 3, at gate 310


The airline lounges are currently closed.