Despite intensive preparation, there may be longer waiting times during peak times this summer. Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours and no more than 3 hours before departure. Furthermore please note the regulations concerning your  stay at the airport and flight and the  restrictions on city train services.

Only one piece of hand luggage (hand luggage + personal item, e.g. handbag, laptop case) is temporarily allowed at the security check.

Travel with care

Interesting facts about baggage

ABC's of hand luggage


A – Assortment of spreads

Non-sweet and savoury spreads (cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, jam, liver sausage, etc.) are considered liquids and are subject to the 100ml restriction. Spreads on bread provisions are allowed.

B – Baby food

The required quantity of baby food can be transported for the duration of the journey.

B – Batteries

Please note the dangerous goods regulations for information on batteries, rechargeable batteries and power banks.

C – Camembert

Camembert and other soft cheeses are considered liquids and must be placed in the luggage if they exceed 100 g. Parmesan and other hard cheeses can be placed in hand luggage.

D – Deodorant

Solid deodorants are not subject to any restrictions. The 100-ml restriction applies to sprays or liquid deos.

E – E-cigarette

The E-cigarette can be placed in hand luggage with two rechargeable batteries. The 100-ml restriction applies to liquid products. If the E-cigarette is filled with liquid, the entire cigarette must be placed in a 1 litre re-sealable plastic bag.


F – Fire lighters and matches

One lighter (disposable)/one box of safety matches (waterproof) per person is allowed. Carry them on your body and declare them at the security. They may not be carried in hand luggage.

Please note the special liquid and baggage regulations for storm and petrol lighters.

G – Drinks

Drinks in larger quantities than 100ml are not permitted. Empty beverage bottles or thermos cups however, can be brought along.

H – Helium balloon

The Wasen souvenirs are prohibited in hand luggage. If these are packed in your luggage, it must be discussed with the airline.

K – Clothing

Closer inspections may be carried out for certain pieces of clothing, e.g. shoes, belts, religious headwear.

L – Lip care

Lip gloss is a liquid, therefore, no more than 100 ml is allowed in hand luggage. Lip (care) balms are not restricted.

L – Food

The 100 ml restriction also applies to liquid food such as oils, yoghurt, soups and much more. This also applies to salads that are created in greater quantities of liquids (e.g. potato, pasta or meat salad)


M – Medicine

Liquid medicine in the quantity required for the duration of the journey can be transported. A certificate as proof of requirement should be transported.

N – Needles

Needles of all kind are allowed in hand luggage. This includes pins, darning needle or knitting needles.

O – Oils and creams

The 100 ml restriction applies to oils and creams. Larger quantities must be placed in the luggage.

P – Powder

Powder is a solid substance and can be placed in hand luggage. Special rules apply to flights to the USA.

Q – Quark

Quark, yoghurt and other similar products are considered to be liquids and they are subject to the restriction.

R – Travel electronics

Please note the dangerous goods regulations for information on batteries, rechargeable batteries and power banks. These electronic items are placed in a separate tub during security control.


S – Scissors

Hobby or nail cutting scissors with a blade length of 6 cm are allowed in hand luggage.

S – Shisha

A sisha is allowed in hand luggage but the coal is not.

S – Sun screen

The 100 ml restrictions applies to liquid sun screen. Larger quantities must be placed in the luggage.

T – Pocketknife

Pocketknives with a blade length of 6 cm (knife, scissor, saw) are allowed in hand luggage.

W – Mascara

Mascara is a liquid and max. 100 ml is permitted.

Z – Toothpaste

The same 100 ml rule applies to toothpaste and other liquid dental products (e.g. mouthwash etc.).

Please note the General Security Regulations for Baggage. The list does not claim to be complete, follow-up checks are always possible.

Dangerous Goods

Oversized baggage

Do you have a pet? Or bulky luggage such as surf boards, pushchairs, golf baggage or bicycles? This too is not a problem. Your airline or your travel agent will gladly make all the necessary arrangements.


Self BAg Drop

Baggage conveyance

Baggage trolleys are available free of charge with a deposit (1 Euro, 50 Euro cents, 25 US cents or 1 Swiss franc) in all parking blocks and car parks, at terminal entrances and in baggage reclamation areas for your convenience.

And for even greater convenience: We provides a personal baggage porter service at Stuttgart airport. A porter can be booked for a small fee by telephoning +49 711 948-4500 (Fax: +49 711 948-4501). If you have already arrived at the airport, please use one of the free telephones on the information pillars (tel.: 4500).


Lockbox Metrics Cost / Day
Small w:35 cm, h: 46 cm, d: 90,5 cm 2.- EUR
Medium w:35 cm, h: 63 cm, d: 90,5 cm 4.- EUR
Large w:35 cm, h: 95 cm, d: 90,5 cm 6.- EUR
XL w: 52 cm, h: 95 cm, d: 90,5 cm 6.- EUR
Ski w: 35 cm, h: 194 cm, d: 60 cm 6.- EUR

You will find lockboxes on the right side of Terminal 1, behind the guard house.

Payment: Coin (0,1/0,2/0,5/1,0/2,0); Banknotes (5,-/10,-); Creditcards (Visa, Master)


Arrival and Entry