Information for passengers:

Please note the regulations concerning your  stay at the airport and flight.
Please also note the  newly regulated terminal approach.


The airport is an important economic factor for the region. Accordingly, Stuttgart Airport bears a high responsibility for the common welfare. Maintaining a good relationship with our neighbors is one of our major concerns. We actively make room for contacts and exchange and facilitate a constructive dialogue. This is meant to lead to mutual appreciation and understanding. By supporting charitable projects in the neighborhood the airport is involved on a local level.

We lead an open dialogue with our neighbors, customers, competitors, business partners, public authorities and other interest groups. We regularly and transparently inform about Stuttgart Airport’s whatabouts. Specific questions on sustainability are answered via email at


How important is it to you that the airport becomes climate-neutral or that he is a good neighbor? Do we have the right topics on our radar? Let us know!

Participate in the fairport radar

Donate your bottle deposit

As the very first airport we started “Donate your bottle deposit” at Stuttgart Airport in collaboration with the local street paper Trott-war e.V. in 2013. The initiative sets a good example for a partnership that adds value on a social, ecological and economic level. Passengers and visitors can dispense their returnable bottles in containers at the security checks. The deposit revenues finance five jobs for socially disadvantaged people. The project is based on an idea of the student association Enactus at the University of Hohenheim. Since July 2014 it is supported by Der Grüne Punkt trademark. Ever since “Donate your bottle deposit” started at Stuttgart Airport it has inspired other German airports which adopted this model.

Airport pastoral care

The institution of the airport pastoral care takes care of passengers, visitors and employees who look for help in the terminals. Representatives of both established regional churches as well as 30 volunteers assist with difficult personal and occupational situations. The „room of silence” is a place for retreat and reflection in Terminal 3. The airport pastoral care is an offer available to everyone regardless of religious affiliation.

Airport pastoral care