Travel Planning

Before you start your journey, please check the regulations for your flight and at your destination. With our travel checklist, you won't forget anything important. In addition, the Reopen EU website provides up-to-date information on the countries of the European Union. Selected countries can be found below, as well as the link to non-European destinations of the IATA Travelcenter.

Hygiene measures

Do I have to wear a mask at the airport?

Passengers and visitors are strongly advised to wear masks in the terminal and during bus transfers.

Do I have to wear a mask on board the aircraft?

On board of the aircraft, the airlines' regulations apply.

List of Airlines

How can I protect myself in situations where distance to others cannot be kept?

The airport still recommends wearing a medical or FFP2 mask in the terminals and during bus transfers.

Airport procedures

How is security screening currently carried out?

We also recommend wearing a medical or FFP2 mask at the security checkpoint. Please take it off when asked. The contents of your pockets and smaller items, such as your mobile phone, should be stowed in your hand luggage or jacket.

How many pieces of hand luggage am I currently allowed to take with me?

At the security check, it is recommended to limit yourself to one piece of hand luggage (hand luggage + personal item, e.g. handbag, laptop case). In addition, airlines have established their own regulations for handling carry-ons. Please check with your airline directly regarding these rules.

Airlines at Stuttgart Airport

Should I expect longer wait times due to the current situation?

Due to additional regulations regarding Covid-19, longer wait times may occur. Please allow sufficient time in the current situation as well.

What are the regulations for visiting shops and restaurants at the airport?

At the airport we strongly recommend wearing a medical or FFP2 mask. Please also note the regulations displayed in the shops and restaurants.

Who can I contact in the terminal if I have additional questions?

The information desks in terminal 3 is open from 4 am to 12 pm. In addition, the call centre can be reached from 8 am to 8 pm: +49 711 948-0. 

Further information and customer support at the airport

Which restaurants and shops are currently open?

The opening hours of shops and restaurants can be found on our website.

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Travel and quarantine regulations

What do I have to consider when travelling during the pandemic?

The German government has compiled information for travellers and commuters. Special rules may apply for travellers who have been vaccinated, boostered or have recovered from Covid-19. Please inform yourself in advance.

Information for travellers (Federal Government)

What restrictions and regulations apply at my destination?

Before travelling abroad, please check the information of your destination country regarding entry and test requirements. The regulations of the German Foreign Office apply. Passengers whose documents does not fulfill the respective requirements will be rejected at the gate.

Federal Foreign Office

What are the current entry requirements?

The Corona Entry Regulation applies. Please check there for proof and quarantine requirements. Passengers must be tested for SARS-CoV-2 or present proof of vaccination, booster or recovery before departure. The conditions for this can also be found in the Corona Entry Regulations.

Information for travellers of the Federal Health Government

When do I have to self-isolate?

When entering Germany from abroad, please observe the country-specific entry quarantine regulations of your destination federal state as well as the generally applicable regulations for entering Germany by air. Special rules may apply for travellers who have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19. Please inform yourself in advance.

Information for travellers of the Federal Health Government

Can I skip quarantine if I test negative for Covid-19 or have been vaccinated or have recovered?

When entering the country from abroad, please refer to the Corona Entry Regulations for information on proof and quarantine requirements.

Information for travellers of the Federal Health Government

Can I be tested for Covid-19 at the airport?

The test centre at the airport offer various testing options. Please refer to our Corona Test Centre page for more information.

Which vaccination certificate is accepted at the airport?

At check-in, you can present the digital vaccination certificate with the Corona-Warn-App or the CovPass app as proof of vaccination. The EU Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate is also valid as proof.

Can I get the digital proof of vaccination at the airport?

The Aeroatoll airport pharmacy can issue a digital proof of vaccination when you present your vaccination certificate and identification document. This may take some time depending on the number of requests.

Flights, destinations and airlines

Where can I find information regarding my flight?

Please check with your airline directly regarding your flight status. This information can usually be obtained online with your flight number and name. You can also find the current flight status on our website.

List of Airlines Departures

What should I do if my flight is cancelled?

In such cases, please contact your airline or travel agency directly.

List of Airlines

What regulations apply on board my flight?

The regulations of the airlines on board their aircraft can be found on the websites of the respective airline. Please contact the airline directly before departure and also note the generally applicable travel regulations for air travellers to Germany.

List of Airlines

Which destinations are currently offered from Stuttgart Airport?

The current flight schedule can be found on our website. Please check the status of the selected flight directly with the airline as well.


Please note: All information is subject to reservation and without guarantee. Current and detailed information can be obtained from the official authorities/agencies. (Last updated: 31/01/2023)