Information for passengers:

Please note the regulations concerning your flight:   Travel with care in 2021
New: Obligation to wear a medical or respirator mask (FFP2/KN95/N95) in the terminal according to the new regulation in Baden-Württemberg. More (in German)

Please note:

The entitlement to free testing for travellers returning from risk areas will ended on 15/12/2020. As of 16/12/2020, these tests will be subject to a charge and are only available as a self-payer service.

Before travelling abroad, please check the information of your destination country regarding entry and test requirements. The regulations of the German Foreign Office apply. Passengers whose test does not fulfill the respective requirements will be rejected at the gate.

The Corona Test Centre is an institution of the Airport Medical Center. The call centre at Stuttgart Airport cannot provide further information on the test procedures and individual medical queries.

The test center cannot provide legally binding information on testing and quarantine obligations. For these questions please contact the responsible public order office.

Corona Test Centre At stuttgart airport

The test centre offers PCR tests and rapid antigen tests by appointment at the airport for self-payers entering from a risk area or wanting to get tested for Covid-19 for personal reasons (to travel abroad and avoid accommodation bans, etc.).

Furthermore, all travellers may be tested in specialized places: List of places in Baden-Württemberg (in German)

Residents of the Esslingen district can use the Covid-19 Drive-Thru Testing Centre on parking lot P30 at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre. A code is required. It can be obtained after a telephone diagnosis from the family doctor, the public health department or from the medical on-call service by calling 116117.


Prior registration is necessary.

The following documents must be presented at the entrance of the test centre:

  • Health insurance card from the statutory health insurance company, if available. If you do not have your insurance card with you or if you are privately insured, your personal contact details will be collected on site using a registration form.
  • Identity document
  • If, according to the applicable entry regulations, special requirements are placed on a test certificate, appropriate documentation must be brought along. If, for example, proof of identity is required on the test result, a copy of the identity card/passport with a recognizable ID number should be brought along.

Self-pay pricing for testing is

- about 130 € for a PCR test

- 55 € for a rapid antigen test

You can pay by EC card or credit card.

When and Where?

Opening hours:

9 am – 5 pm

Online appointment for PCR tests and rapid antigen tests.

The test centre is located in Terminal 1 West. Please pay attention to the signs located throughout the terminals.

The Result

It currently takes at least 24 - 48 hours to get the test results. Results are sent by mail or can be retrieved from the laboratory. Further information is provided during the test.

Persons who tested positive will be informed by the responsible health authority and the laboratory. The public health department also gives instructions on how to proceed.

Rapid antigen test results take about 30 minutes.

Further Information

If you have questions regarding the test results, please contact the company CeGaT, which is commissioned for the tests. The hotline can be reached at +49 7071 565 44 20, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, or via e-mail:

The following data should be provided or mentioned in the request:

  • Name, first name
  • Date of birth
  • Test date
  • Phone number

Please also note our general travel advice and current regulations.


Information regarding Covid-19 in Germany FAQ for people returning to Baden-Württemberg State of Baden-Württemberg (in German) List of places for Corona tests (KVBW) (in German)

Please note: All information is subject to reservation and without guarantee. Current and detailed information can be obtained from the official authorities/agencies. (Status: 16/12/2020)