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Charging stations at Stuttgart Airport

Stuttgart Airport is currently offering charging stations for electric vehicle users – free of charge. Most of them are located in the parking areas; the cost of charging is included in the parking fee.

AC wallboxes

The normal charging points at Stuttgart Airport all have a type 2 connection and charging power levels of up to 11 kW.

Locations (after barrier entrance):
P5 12 normal charging on Level 3
P14 20 normal charging on Level 3

DC charging stations

The rapid charging stations at Stuttgart Airport all have at least one CCS connector. The rapid charging station in the P5 car park also has a type 2 and a CHAdeMO plug.

Locations and types:
Kiss & Ride parking (SAB bus terminal) 4 CCS rapid charging
P5 (after the barrier entrance) 1 CCS rapid charging
1 CHAdeMO rapid charging
1 type 2 rapid charging

Charging stations of other operators

Stuttgart Airport also has some EnBW charging points (P4, P5) and a charging area for Car2Go users on the Car2Go car park next to Terminal West. They are not free of charge.


Map showing the locations of the car parks

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