School holidays: Longer waiting times possible

Due to the start of the holidays, there may be longer waiting times. Travellers are advised to arrive at the airport no earlier than 3 hours and no later than 2 hours before departure. Please find more tips  here.


Construction work on the runway is planned: the eastern part of the 3,345 meters long Stuttgart Airport runway will receive a new concrete surface in the spring of 2020. Due to the corona crisis, the airport is starting the partial renewal earlier than planned, on 6 April. There will be no flight operations during the early construction work. After that, from Thursday, 23 April to Wednesday, 17 June 2020, planes will take off and land on a shortened runway. Nevertheless, passengers flying from Stuttgart will still be able to reach all destinations in Germany and nearby European countries on non-stop flights. There will be some restrictions in terms of range that apply to direct long-haul flights.


Construction phases

Due to the corona crisis, the construction project starts earlier than planned. There will be no flight operations at Stuttgart Airport during the early construction work from 6 to 22 April. Flights such as cargo flights with medical goods or rescue flights will be diverted during this phase.

Immediately following the early construction work, the partial renewal of the runway will take place in two phases, each lasting 28 days, starting on 23 April.

From 23 April to 20 May 2020, aircraft will use a shortened runway with a maximum length of 1,965 meters. In this phase, constructions must be carried out during the day and at night in the area directly in front of the interim runway. During this time, there will be no flights between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Overnight airmail flights, rescue flights and other exceptions to the regular night flight restrictions are also not possible.

From 21 May to 17 June 2020, planes will take off and land on a runway that is expected to be 2,475 meters long. During this construction phase, all night flights that are operated in accordance with the applicable night flight restrictions may take off and land again

Flight destinations

During the construction phases, some restrictions may apply in destinations. The airlines are gradually publishing their timetables for summer 2020. Please check the airlines’ websites for details and contact your airline directly if you have any questions regarding flight schedules.


Reasons for the partial renewal

For safety reasons, Stuttgart Airport regularly checks the condition of its entire infrastructure. As soon as it becomes necessary, areas on the apron, for example, are repaired – and if needed, the concrete surface of the runway, too. The section that will be renewed in the spring of 2020 was built in the mid-1990s and is located in the eastern part of the airport. Weather conditions and material characteristics determine in the durability of the runway concrete – and, of course, its exposure: most aircraft land on the eastern part of the runway when they touch down in Stuttgart.