Information for passengers:

Please note the regulations concerning your  stay at the airport and flight.
Please also note the  newly regulated terminal approach.



April 2018 Application to the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg for approval in line with aviation regulatory requirements
Until October 2018 Coordination of construction site development and equipment
November 2018 Europe-wide tender for the construction work
21 March 2019 Public presentation of construction plans
April 2019 Assignment of the construction contracts
06 April 2020 Construction starts earlier than planned +++ no flight operations from 06. - 22.04.
23 April 2020 Start of the first construction phase +++ Maximum length of the runway: 1,965 meters
21 May 2020 Start of the second construction phase +++ Maximum length of the runway: 2,475 meters
18 June 2020 End of construction work +++ Runway is at its original length of 3,345 meters

Last adapted: April 2020