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Managing Director Non-Aviation - Management Spokesman Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH

After studying law at the universities of Tübingen and Kiel, Walter Schoefer worked as a lawyer and from 1986 Head of Department at the District Office of Main-Tauber. From 1989, he was the personal consultant of the Minister for Culture and Sport. In 1991, he changed as personal consultant with the minister to the Ministry of Finance for Baden-Württemberg. From 1994, he worked as a general consultant for budgeting (principles of budgetary policy) and later became the deputy head of department for budgeting. In 1998, he was made head of staff for new taxation and conversion of state facilities (NeStUL).

Since 01 September 1999, Walter Schoefer is Managing Director of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH. He is in charge of non-aviation, which comprises real estate, infrastructure as well as corporate communication. Since 2017, he is the management spokesman. In 2001, he was appointed member of the advisory board of Baden-Airpark GmbH at Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden airport and since 2007 he is the chairman of the advisory board of HSG airport Stuttgart Handels- und Service GmbH. Since 2002, Walter Schoefer is Managing Director of the project enterprise Neue Messe GmbH & Co. KG.