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Discover the world of advertising at Stuttgart airport

Stuttgart airport is a very efficient advertising space. Those who advertise here will be seen. And what is more, by an incredible amount of eyes with an above average length of visual contact. Furthermore, you have the chance to perfectly tailor your advertising to your target group. You could, for example, only want to address business travellers or tourists heading to Switzerland or Majorca? We will take your adverts right there where your target group will see them. Use our experience and consulting competence including valuable airport insider tips to achieve success for your advertising campaign.

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Stuttgart airport offers you the most diverse ways to advertise indoors - opportunities that are just waiting for your ideas and messages to make them come alive.

By optimally arranging the advertising spaces and having the ability to tailor their placement to a particular target group, our advertising spaces are ideally placed to draw the attention of waiting passengers to them.


  • Wall space: Your product and image campaigns will be accentuated and illuminated on aluminium boards.
  • Banners: An eye-catcher which will make your advertisements stand out significantly. Whether as a PVC film or in a flag-style.
  • Light boxes & light wall: Gain even more attention.
  • Films/foils: Ideal for short- and long-term campaigns.
  • Display cabinets: For a three-dimensional advertising campaign with advertising elements or as a display window with advertising films attached to the glass windows or revolving doors.
  • Logos: Constant presence for long-term image advertising in highly frequented locations.
  • Exhibition space: The perfect stage to let shape, size, material or workmanship speak for itself.


Let your ideas out: Use the extensive airport area and position yourselves in your target group’s field of vision.

Whether with long- or short-term advertising media, you can be happy about a consistently high number of contacts - as you will not only reach flight passengers, those picking them up and visitors, but also employees of the companies that operate at the airport.

  • Large banners: Make a big entrance, with night lighting.
  • Advertising structures: Exclusive positioning of your brand in multiple locations.
  • Flags: Show your true colours - in prominent locations near the terminals and the exhibition.
  • City lights: An all-encompassing presence across the whole airport area.
  • Video boards: Place commercials or animations and reach exhibition visitors.


Pull out all the stops in terms of multimedia opportunities at the airport: From interactive displays right through to commercials on high-quality screens, you can grab the attention of your target group and enrich their waiting times with your advertisements.

Profit from a high number of contacts and optimal coverage.

A flexible and innovative form of advertising, which can be adapted specifically to suit certain target groups: Depending on whom you want to address, when broadcasting your commercial (10-45 seconds) you have the choice between the departure or arrivals zones, public areas or the entire area.

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Of course you can also launch a mobile promotion or a promotional campaign with a stall at Stuttgart airport. You will find the open spaces ready for your development.

Ensure your product or service becomes a long-term talking point. Choose various locations for your promotion - in each case you will reach an interesting, international and a financially strong audience.


Stuttgart airport’s website offers you the optimal and attractive platform for online advertising. Particularly in travel-related environments, the click-through-rate is 1.5% and above. Profit from the strong online presence of Stuttgart airport (Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH).

Possible forms of advertising:
Leaderboard, wide skyscraper, content ads, rectangles, full-size, half-size, corporate sites, individual advertising forms and cross-media campaigns.

Media data (on average, per month):
Unique visitors: 300,000
Page impressions: 1.8 Mio.
Retention period: 4:19 minutes



Stuttgart airport is a central hub for Baden-Württemberg. More than 12 million passengers pass through the airport each year. In addition to this, there are also visitors, those picking up the passengers and the employees of approximately 250 companies that operate on site. The airport’s operating company publishes a quarterly magazine “Flugblatt” for all of these people, with exclusive information that the users wouldn’t get anywhere else and thanks to which the magazine attracts a lot of attention. With a circulation of 60,000 copies, the 32-page magazine is available free of charge in all terminals and is also sent as a free-of-charge subscription to airline employees, airport fans and those setting the agenda - in this way you’re guaranteed a wide readership.

 A further important publication is the flight timetable. This presents the airport’s flight network, provides tips for arrivals and departures and provides information about key topics such as the relevant security regulations.

Even “STair“, the magazine for the shopping, catering and service area of Stuttgart airport offers you an ideal platform for your advertisement in a user-driven editing environment - inc. a map of all the airport’s shops - and with trends and tips from these categories.

You’ll find information regarding advertising rates and formats of these three publications here in the media data.