Parking guidance system disturbed

Currently, the parking guidance system at Stuttgart Airport is incorrectly displayed. All car parks are opened. Please follow the instructions at the car park entrances.

Free Wi-Fi at Stuttgart Airport

Make constructive use of your waiting time at the airport – we offer all passengers and guests free internet access for one hour throughout Stuttgart Airport.

It's so easy:

  • 1

    Activate WLAN
    Activate the Wi-Fi function on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and select the "AIRPORT-FREE-WIFI" network.

  • 2

    Access website
    Select any website – and you will be automatically directed to the HotSpot page of Telekom D GmbH.

  • 3

    Press the "online" button

Service hotline

In the event of problems, you can ring our free-phone service hotline operated by Telekom by dialling +49 800 3502000.