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Frequent Wi-Fi (WLAN) questions


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Speedy internet access at the airport with laptop and wireless LAN.

We provide our customers with wireless access to the World Wide Web via our own airport wireless LAN. You can receive and send a provider e-mail, access important information from the World Wide Web or simply surf for fun. And that at an impressive transmission rate. Long down and upload times are avoided, thanks to our wireless LAN with up to 11 Mbit/s. Our free Start Portal provides you with varied information on Stuttgart Airport (e.g. departures, arrivals, flight schedules, etc..).

You can select from the following internet providers for your internet connection. There is a charge for these connections. You can obtain further information on the respective homepage of internet providers (T-Mobile, Spectrum, Vodafone and O2).

Access points accept all appliances using "any" as a network name/SSID. This is equivalent to the standard settings configured when installing a wireless LAN card.

Hardware requirements for use of Wi-Fi at Stuttgart Airport

  • A notebook (suitable for all operating systems)
  • A wireless LAN card


  • Either "none" or "any" should be entered as the network name (SSID)
  • A WEP code should not be entered

Where or in which areas can I use Wi-Fi/WLAN at Stuttgart Airport?
You can use Wi-Fi in all public areas and departure zones, bistros, restaurants and conference rooms, airline lounges and the baggage reclamation area.

My provider is not on your list
Wi-Fi use is only possible at the airport through one of our listed providers.

When is this service free of charge?
As soon as you exit our Start Portal.