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Baggage regulations

Baggage regulations

The following baggage quantities are included in your airline ticket price:

  • Economy Class: up to 20 kg
  • Business Class: up to 30 kg
  • First Class: up to 40 kg

Different rules apply to your airline, can obtain from their official website.

Extra baggage will be charged separately. Hand baggage consists of a small piece of luggage that can be taken into the aircraft cabin. Please use the special fixtures next to the check-in desks to check that your hand baggage does not exceed the dimensions allowed.

Dangerous substances

Gefährliche Güter

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Please leave dangerous substances and objects at home (see adjacent illustration). These will be confiscated during the security check. They include

  • explosives
  • gas bottles and containers, potentially-flammable solid or liquid substances and
  • weapons and ammunition.

Pointed and sharp objects such as knives, scissors, nail files, self-defence sprays, hairsprays, etc. should not be packed in hand baggage! Further information on objects forbidden on flights can be obtained here, and details of increased security measures can be viewed here. Please contact your airline for detailed information.

Non-permitted hazardous goods (e.g. sprays, petrol lighters) and dangerous items (e.g. knifes, scissors) may be left with airport security / lost and found office (+49 711/948-3355 for a small fee) and collected afterwards (up to 6 weeks).

Return service for dangerous objects

In the event of you having a dangerous object in your possession which you may not take on your flight, you may write your address on an envelope and return the dangerous object by post for a C.O.D. fee (carriage forward) of 3.00 Euro. Please ask for further information at the airport.

Certain electrical and electronic appliances such as mobile phones or laptops should not be used during the flight. Information is printed on your airline ticket or can be obtained from your airline.

Do you have a pet? Or do you have bulky luggage such as a surf board, children's buggy, golf caddy or bicycle? Even these do not present a problem. Your airline or travel agent will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for you.

Baggage conveyance

Baggage conveyance

Baggage trolleys are available in all parking blocks and car parks, at terminal entrances and in baggage reclamation areas for your convenience. We unfortunately cannot carry your baggage for you, so we have thought of a few bright ideas to help you: in contrast to many other airports, baggage trolleys at Stuttgart Airport are free of charge, and you only need to insert a coin as a deposit (1 Euro, 50 Euro cents, 25 US cents or 1 Swiss franc)!

And for even greater convenience: We provides a personal baggage porter service at Stuttgart airport. A porter can be booked for a small fee by telephoning 0711/948-4500 (Fax: 0711/948-4501). If you have already arrived at the airport, please use one of the free telephones on the information pillars (tel.: 4500).

Baggage location

Baggage location

On entering the baggage reclamation area after your arrival, you can find your baggage carousel by checking the flight numbers on the display screens/panels. Baggage trolleys are also provided here for your convenience - free of charge, of course.

Would you prefer to have a baggage porter?
A porter can be booked for a small fee by telephoning 0711/948-4500. Please use one of the free telephones on the information pillars (tel.: 4500) if you are in one of the terminals.

It doesn't happen very often, but just in case: please contact your airline directly if your baggage is damaged or you are unable to locate it after arrival. Our helpful personnel are ready to assist you without delay.


Locations and Contact:

  • Lufthansa Lost & Found:Hotline 0800 8 08 80 10 or +49 (0) 69 9530 7962           
  • S.Ground Lost & Found: Terminal 3, Arrivals Level strll@s-ground.de
  • British Airways Lost & Found: Terminal 1, Departures Level +49 (0) 699 4519 2273
  • Germanwings / Eurowings: E-Mail: claim@baggage.eurowings.com
  • Vueling: Hotline 0180 6700 000
  • Air Berlin: E-Mail   strll@s-ground.de                                        
  • Air France: Hotline +49 (0) 6986798107
  • KLM: Hotline +49 (0) 6986798107
  • Iberia: Hotline +49 (0) 69 50 073 874
  • Lost & Found Office: to the west in front of Terminal 1 0711/ 948- 3355

Lufthansa passengers can trace the current status of their misplaced baggage after registration with the baggage location service in the internet at http://gepaeck.lufthansa.com. If, despite all efforts, misplaced baggage cannot be located: every airline is insured against loss of baggage!

Please ensure that your baggage is always securely locked and labelled with address stickers.


You will find lockboxes on the right side of Terminal 1, behind the guard house.
Lockbox small: 2 Euro per day, metrics: w:35 cm, h: 45 cm, d: 85 cm
Lockbox medium: 4 Euro per day, metrics: w:35 cm, h: 62 cm, d: 85 cm
Lockbox medium: 6 Euro per day, metrics: w:35 cm, h: 94 cm, d: 85 cm
Lockbox XL: 6 Euro per day, metrics: w: 52 cm, h: 94 cm, d: 85 cm
Lockbox Golf/Ski: 6 Euro per day, metrics: w: 35 cm, h: 192 cm, d: 53 cm
Payment: Coin (0,1/0,2/0,5/1,0/2,0); Banknotes (5,-/10,-); Creditcards (Visa, Master)