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Mit unseren mobilen Lösungen können Sie jederzeit den Flugstatus per E-Mail oder in der jeweiligen App für Android, Windows Phone oder iPhone per "Push-Dienst" abonnieren. Darüber hinaus können Sie den E-Mail Dienst auch über unseren Internetauftritt aktivieren - klicken Sie hierzu auf das E-Mail-Symbol neben Ihrem Flug oder Flugdaten.

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LH 2150CR9MUENCHEN19:5020:46T1flight closed
AB 655773HBERLIN (TEGEL)20:2021:55T1en route
EZY 8525319LONDON (GATWICK)20:2020:57T3arrived
4U 7048320HAMBURG20:25cancelled
4U 2073319LEIPZIG-HALLE20:30cancelled
4U 8006320BERLIN (TEGEL)20:3021:19T1approaching
4U 2784319STUTTGART20:3020:29T3arrived
4U 2019319BERLIN(SCHOENEFELD)21:0521:05T1arrived
TK 170932BISTANBUL (ATATURK)21:1521:42T1en route
4U 2823319MAILAND (MALPENSA)21:20T1
AB 6615DH4HANNOVER21:30cancelled
OS 179320WIEN21:3021:19T3en route
4U 2165319BRUESSEL21:3521:33T1en route
4U 2465319LONDON (HEATHROW)21:3521:37T3en route
XQ 15673HANTALYA21:4521:20T4en route
4U 2007320BERLIN (TEGEL)21:50T1
4U 2521320BARCELONA21:55T1en route
AB 879973HCATANIA21:5522:26T3en route
4U 2053319HANNOVER22:00T1
4U 2757319WIEN22:00T1
AF 1608AR8PARIS (CDG)22:00T3
4U 2043319HAMBURG22:1522:02T1en route
AB 885773WOLBIA22:20T3
KL 1879E90AMSTERDAM22:25T3
4U 2591320PALMA DE MALLORCA22:4022:47T1en route
4U 2785319BUDAPEST22:45T1
4U 2379319LONDON (STANSTED)22:45T1
TWI 379734ANTALYA22:4522:39T1en route
XQ 15273HANTALYA22:4522:30T4en route
AB 3531DH4RIMINI22:55T3
LH 136733FRANKFURT22:55T1
X3 281173HFUNCHAL23:1022:59T3en route
AB 2539320MALAGA23:15cancelled
DE 145932BTENERIFFA (SUED)23:1523:05T1en route
XG 487473HMARSA ALAM23:15T4
DE 1651320RHODOS23:2023:00T3en route
LX 1178320ZUERICH23:25T1
X3 281973HFARO23:2522:51T3en route
X3 248373HMENORCA (MAHON)23:25T3
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Estimated times of arrival without further information concerning the flight status are not confirmed until departure of the flight at the previous airport.

en route: The flight has departed at the last previous airport and is en route to Stuttgart.
approaching: The flight is descending into Stuttgart Airport and is expected to land within the next fifteen minutes.
landed: The flight is taxiing to its parking stand.
arrived: The flight has reached its parking stand.
cancelled: The flight will not be operated.
delayed: The flight will be late until further notice. Unfortunately, no detailed information is available at the moment.
ground transfer: The passengers will be carried by coach or train.
baggage claim: The passengers may collect their baggage.
flight closed: The baggage on board has been delivered.
holding: The approach will be delayed due to operational reasons.